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Смотреть фото Intel i5 5257U Iris 6100 Fanless $293 Barebones Mini PC Unboxing новости Россия
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My work fanless mini PC build I'm working on using this Broadwell ULV base. I got this mini pc from here: The Core i5 5257U is a low voltage chip, base clock and Turbo (dual core)

$293 was the base price of this unit including the wireless card. You need DDR3L Ram and a mSata or 2.5" HDD to make a working PC. You can get other builds including 15W i3's and i7 ULV cpus.

I've added 16GB 2133Mhz Ram (yes overkill maybe)
A Samsung Evo 850 500GB SSD
I might opt for a mSata 256GB unit if I move this 850 to my tower pc.

The plan is to use this instead of my loud and hot i7 desktop which is overkill for working stuff like web/youtube/ftp and light 1080p editing.

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TransformerVolumeC - 09.10.2018
I got of one Hamsing brand Mini PC fanless SSD Intel i5-7200U Intel graphics and i can tell this fucking thing is the quietest computer in world yet fast yet runs even cool with Ubuntu 18.04.1 64bit!
Jet Stream - 25.04.2018
I wasn't able to use Wake on LAN on this unit (Mine is a 5250U)
iTzLeoo TM - 25.04.2018
No cooler?
Jet Stream - 12.04.2018
Are there more than one 5V pins on the mobo to power the second SATA drive if it was used?
Chiffer Visbal - 04.01.2018
Hi. Will there be update for the Bios with an i5 5200u? I have had problems with the latest version of Windows 10 1709 (10.0.16299) in clean installations after formatting (Not updating). The installation is very normal but in the last step before finishing it, the screen turns off and never starts again. With Windows 10 ISO 2016 it installs perfectly and does not crash. If BIOS exits, please report a link to download it. Thank you
Zauq Zauq - 02.12.2017
How would one claim the warranty on the mini pc?. Seller gives 3 year's warranty on the product. Can the CPU be used in another pc incase the motherboard malfunctions and the seller not providing the replacement part?
Amier Asyraf - 20.09.2017
Is this hackintosh-able though? 🤔
Amier Asyraf - 20.09.2017
Its not the same as yours. Theres no sd card slot and an additional of 2 more usb 2.0 ports.
Amier Asyraf - 20.09.2017
Is the hard drive upgradable?
조기성 - 20.07.2017
still work? my PC has dead. do not power on. It occurred the second time in a year.
zia - 06.06.2017
has it got wireless ac or just b/g/n?
PRO Gaming - 28.03.2017
TechTablets.com Hi. Can u pm me? here is my gmail revardo4@gmail.com
Youngbud03 - 07.02.2017
Da fuck.. Where do you mount the SSD...?
Francisco Garcia - 18.01.2017
Can you add a graphics card into a mini pc?
Игорь Куклов - 31.12.2016
Evlo - 24.11.2016
I'm trying to find one with 7100u and two digital display outs, but all seem to have VGA outs.
Sebastian x - 15.11.2016
works with other wifi cards?
Abrar Ahsan - 08.10.2016
Please can you tell me is this mini pc comes with Prosseser,Ram and HDD included with this price or have to pay separatly?
Snow Ghost - 23.09.2016
hi mate, im in doubt about wich one i should choose for me to buy for gaming, the i7 5500u with Intel HD Graphics 520, or the i7 6600u with Intel HD Graphics 520 which one is better for gaming?
Valeontir Prohush - 17.09.2016
Hello ! And what exactly seller you purchased this configuration?
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