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Смотреть фото Intel Core i3 vs i5 vs i7 Processors - Explained новости Россия
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The Intel Core i family are the most popular brand of processors, but with different families, generations, model numbers, ranges and suffixes - it's all a bit complicated. So here's Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 Processors explained.

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Dekun Liu - 30.12.2019
Thanks for sharing this explanation!!! Really useful!
Love Kush - 11.12.2019
GTX 1060 Had 1200 Cuda core / GTX 1050 Had 675 Cuda core More cuda cores more powerful GPU
Mohsin Ahmad - 23.11.2019
Detailed and comprehensive explanation Good video
Sir Louie - 22.11.2019
So, which are better to do for vedio editing?, I3, I5 or I7 ? Can anyone answer me, cuz I'm planning to buy,. Thanks God Bless
pa desiii - 21.11.2019
One problem i dont have a money
SlaughteredInside - 20.11.2019
Intel took their line of processors and turned them into a complete and total fuck story scam. They are riddled with malware exploits right out of the box, insanely overpriced, and their naming convention is so beyond fucked now that their own employees struggle to explain it. Fuck Intel, go with AMD. #fuckintel #fuckingidiots #computethisdick
XDX - 17.11.2019
crap video still i didnt got anything from that coz my cpu is i7 7700k .i didnt saw what means the k letter solo
Juma Salimi - 28.10.2019
thanks it was super useful to me
Mohammad Hooda - 13.10.2019
Noooooo I have i5 3337u
Prateek Panwar - 12.10.2019
I head somewhere, That they are made on same die and have same architecture and production cost of i9 = i3. So, It can be that they always make i9. Pick up ones whose all cores are working as i9. And, disable few cores and sell it as i5,i3. Even their TDP is same
oren pinkas - 04.10.2019
ix - 1234 L Dual/Quad-core 1 - Gen - stands for generation 234 - Range - stands for place in the generation (higher = probably better) L - Suffix - stands for performance level: Y: Extremely low power (i7 Y could be worse than I5 U) U: Ultra low power (standart for casual laptops) H\HQ\HK: High performance for heavier usage Cores - More cores = better, but depends on Hyperthreading which increases performance by roughly a third and is more important for rendering\gaming etc. or just ignore all of the above and just look and the damn clock speed - the higher the better!
Games TV - 27.09.2019
What is the music in the background? Had it before but don't know how to find it again.
Lam Par - 03.09.2019
So complicated.
Mirza Khalid - 27.08.2019
I am using HP 15 with Core i3-7100 U processor, 8GB Ram and 1 TB HDD running Windows 8.1 and so far I am happy with my computer. I don't play games or editing stuffs, just browse internet, watch YouTube videos and play some downloaded movies from the internet.
Tenielle Man - 27.07.2019
Well that just cleared a heap of shit up in less than 5mins haha THANKS HEAPS GUYS : D
Innosos - 21.05.2019
"This is confusing." For whom? What sort of naming system would you prefer or what should be done to make it less confusing? If you choose a processor going by name alone is a very stupid practice anyways.
JenLisa Is Real - 08.05.2019
Damn now I understand it I'm always struggling finding infos thanks a lot
Panos Rod - 03.05.2019
With that accent, goodbye understanding anything.
Thomas Hurt - 29.04.2019
So excuse my ignorance on this topic leading into a question i have. So Im a auto technician and i need to buy a laptop for running a diagnostic/programming for vehicles through a manufactures diagnostic and programming server. The particular manufacture has a minimum processor requirement of a 2.2ghz dual-core processor so If i purchase a laptop that has an intel i5 processor thats 1.6ghz is this above or below the 2.2ghz dual core processor requirement?
G -smith - 12.04.2019
the best explanation of the Intel processors so far on the internet...
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