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Смотреть фото Intel Core i3 vs i5 vs i7: Which processor is right for you? новости Россия
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Looking for a new computer and not sure the difference between an Intel 2nd Generation Core i3, i5, or i7 processor? Nadine helps you choose the best processor that suits your computing needs, just follow along with a mini quiz and see what Nadine suggests for you.

Онлайн новости Intel Core i3 vs i5 vs i7: Which processor is right for you? свежий выпуск Россия сегодня

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bran - 19.12.2012
Thanks for the quick explanation, the video was moving pretty slow in terms of explaining the major differences.
rochester3 - 14.12.2012
i dont even own an i3 and i can still run the games on max settings
Solace GrayArc - 10.12.2012
Considering I really just happened to find this comment (Yes this very comment) thanks to google and youtube...I am really pleased! You have no idea how in directly you have just helped me :) Thank you
Mike Mike - 08.12.2012
Yo re owsome!
Thomas Griffin - 06.12.2012
That would bottleneck nicely in something like Battlefield 3.
awesomeman1223 - 05.12.2012
na...i got a i7 for gaming
GamingElitMafia PC - 05.12.2012
however on only 1 monitor if you have more id recomend the lower end i7
GamingElitMafia PC - 05.12.2012
very true (though hyper threading can help for multimonitor gaming)
TheBlackStealth - 04.12.2012
MrAnthropophagy - 02.12.2012
RTS games like the Total War and Supreme Commander franchises are known be very reliant on the CPU. Some games utilise more than two cores and more games will be doing this in the very near future so i wouldn't recommend anyone getting a dual core for gaming unless they were on a very tight budget.
fenix144 - 02.12.2012
I beat you :O I5 3570k at 4ghz and 660 ti :P
Ravlashon - 30.11.2012
I run a core 2 Quad, Far more powerful than an I3 and early I5. Guess what? Theres something called bottlenecking so having a cheap cpu and a great gpu wont get you anywaere. I just had to overclock my cpu just so my computer wouldnt bottleneck. So you saying that computers dont rely on the cpu is completly false. Source? Years of building computers and gaming.
ThaTrojanHorse - 29.11.2012
Planetside 2*
Pschulniknof - 28.11.2012
that does not count for every game
Sterling - 26.11.2012
Laptop isn't "too" good for gaming. a desktop gaming computer would do much better. especially one you can customize.
HazewinDog - 25.11.2012
Yeah, for gaming you don't need more than an i3 at all. dual core is perfect for gaming, if however you want to do very cpu intensive things, you might want to consider an i5 or i7.
Adrian Hernandez - 23.11.2012
true dat
SergeantKibbles - 21.11.2012
I would not recommend getting a gaming laptop, unless you really need that portability, I would get a desktop.
biggyb5000 - 18.11.2012
thanks, iwas about to get a laptop for gaming with i3 in it, i am going to need at least a i5
Tiansanity - 18.11.2012
smart gamers choose i3. if you know what i mean. you will get it :D
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